Sunday School and Bible Class

Children of all ages are precious, and very welcome in our congregation!  We hope and pray that they will come to know God's saving grace in their lives.

Over the duration of the academic year, children who attend Sunday School or Bible Class complete a workbook appropriate to their age and stage. Typical tasks include questions, puzzles, drawing and memory work. Our aim is to help them to understand the Bible in a deeper way, and present the Gospel clearly. 

At the end of the academic year, each child is presented with a certificate and small prize for their completion of the year's syllabus.

All the Sunday School teachers have been disclosure checked, and hold a PVG certificate.


Sunday School

We have two Sunday School classes:

Infant (primary 1- 3)

Junior (primary 4-7)

The Sunday School classes start at 11am, and last for around 20 minutes.  Children join the congregation in time for the sermon.


Bible Class

Senior (secondary 1-6)

The Bible Class starts at 6:20pm and lasts for around 30 minutes. Children join the congregation in time for the sermon.