September 2018 Youth Conference

Submitted by Admin1 on Sat, 10/20/2018 - 16:51

On the 1st of September, in Dores Free Church (Continuing), a group of young
people gathered to hear two interesting talks on the subject of 'Temptation'. The talks
were given by Rev. Greg MacDonald and gave a clear message – 'Resist temptation
and it shall flee from you'.

After we arrived there, we were given some time to chat and have a snack, then we
began on the first talk. We read James 1:1-17, then studied under the topic Noticing
and Avoiding Temptation. We found out where it came from, how to recognise it
and how to avoid it. For example, to avoid temptation it might be wise to stay away
from certain groups of people or places. Then we broke up into groups and answered
a few questions, before having a delicious lunch and going for a walk by Loch Ness.
Sadly, no-one spotted the elusive monster but we did enjoy finding a beautiful
dragonfly instead.

In the second talk, we read Ephesians 6:10-24, then had the subject Resistance and
Victory in Temptation. Both were very interesting, and got people thinking. We
learned that we need a new heart and a changed nature if we want to resist
temptation. A desire to please Jesus is a great help to resist temptation. One of the
points of the talk (and later for discussion in our groups) was how we could use the
Ten Commandments to help us resist temptation in every area of our life.

The Youth Conference is helpful for young people because it gives them reassurance
and an opportunity to communicate with others their own age, especially on relevant
spiritual matters (as well as a few good snacks!) I hope that the next one will be an
even greater success!

Kindly Submitted by H. MacLeod (Ness)