September 2017 Youth Conference

Submitted by Admin1 on Sat, 10/20/2018 - 16:48

On Saturday 16th of September 2017, we went to Dores Youth Conference. When we got there, Rev. Davide Ratti welcomed us then we talked to each other and ate some food. After that, Rev. Harry Woods started his talk on “Priorities”, and how we must have Jesus first to get our priorities right and put spiritual things first and God will take care of the rest. He emphasised the need to be reading our Bibles every day and ensuring that we use our lives as God wants us to. Half way through the day we had a delicious lunch but the weather was so bad we could not go outside.

After lunch Mr. Woods gave the second part of his talk which was also about priorities. He told us to do the hard things first then do the favourite, easier things after. Twice in the day we split into small groups to consider what had been said and to answer some questions. The main points throughout the day were; put God first, others second and yourself last. At the end of the day we spent time socialising together as people started to leave then we went home after a very fun and interesting day at Dores Youth Conference.

Kindly Submitted by M. MacInnes (Lochalsh and Strath)